The world-famous company commits to creating the changes in the Vilnius station district

The favourites of the commission and the names of the tender participants were disclosed in the international architectural tender, which was organized in order to select the best idea for the reconstruction of the Vilnius railway station complex, the station square and neighbouring territories.  In accordance with the public procurement procedures, yesterday, after opening the second envelopes in electronic form, the names of the coded works will be associated with their creators from now on, among them – world-famous companies. The participants were assessed anonymously.

In the assessment commission’s opinion, out of 33 works offered for the tender, the “Green connect” project conforms to the Vilnius architectural vision in the best manner, whose author is the company Zaha Hadid Architects, established in London. The second place was taken by the work, designated with the code 314159 (B&M Architects Ltd Arkkitehtuuritoimisto B & M Oy, Suomija), the third one – 19MM75 (SBS Engineering Group Sp. z.oo, Lenkija), the fourth – VGS159 (joint venture – UAB Archinova with PLH Arkitekter A/S, Lithuania and Denmark), the fifth – ZSEBUA (Shenzhen Aube Architectural Engineering Design Co., Ltd, China).

The winner of the tender will be nominated after completing the public procurement procedures – based on the Law on Procurement of the Republic of Lithuania, the Commission of Public Procurement will further verify the suppliers’ qualification and other mandatory documents, if needed they will ask to update them. It is planned that the winner of the tender will be announced in November.

A 120,000 EUR prize fund is allocated to the winners: 50,000 EUR is given to the winner of the first place, 30,000 EUR for the second one, 20,000 for the third one. The participants of the tender, who took fourth and fifth places, are to be given 10,000 EUR.

“We are working as the Station district as a whole – including the railway station, the bus station, the public transport terminal and the whole square – they should conform to the criteria of Vilnius as it is today: they should be green, convenient and inspiring.  The city has already invested into the neighbouring spaces, it is ready to invest more into the square, streets and their new – more convenient and greener – facade. “I hope that the team furnishing the best idea will manage to develop their idea that it would respond to all the questions, which arise, and implement their concept in accordance with the highest quality requirements expected in Vilnius” – the Vilnius mayor, Mr Remigijus Simasius, said.

As the Manager of the Public limited company Lietuvos Gelezineliai (Lithuanian Railways), Mr Mantas Bartuska, put it, that the station is no longer a building in the modern city, where you can buy a ticket or sit before your trip. The station and its surroundings must become a new traction center with spaces providing leisure activities and services, comfortable connections for the pedestrians, cyclists and passengers, who choose convenient and green trips by trains.

“We are therefore committed to opening the industrial spaces, which are closed so far, to all the people and to adjusting them to their needs.  In a little over a year, we have showed by example and moved closer to the station concept. This is just the beginning” – Mr Bartuska said.

The Vilnius Chief architect, Mr Mindaugas Pakalnis, is proud that this project, which is important not only to the capital, has attracted the attention of such international architectural studies. “We have received a lot of significant prospects, which can enrich the city’s architectural face. The authors of the best idea, which was selected by the Commission – “Zada Hadid Architects” office – is familiar with Vilnius, they have considerable designing experience of such complexity, because they are tasked with the design of the Rail Baltica railway station in Tallinn.  The design idea that they have provided creates a distinctive, recognizable image of the new station terminal, which has suitable relation with the context, forms up the system of qualitative public spaces and ensures important relations with the districts Naujininkai, Naujamietis (new town) and Senamiestis (old town).  Moreover, it creates conversion possibilities for the railway complex industrial zone and neighbouring territories, adjusts functional and aesthetic solutions well. Certainly, it is just a raw idea, but it will be really developed and elaborated” – Mr Pakalnis stated.

The international tender was announced in March this year, and 33 offers were received. Feel free to get acquainted with all the architects’ visions and their authors by visiting the project website:

The organizers of the architectural tender are Lietuvos Gelezinkeliai, the company managing the country’s network of railway tracks is LTG Infra and the Vilnius City Municipality. The tender organizers are represented by the consulting company Civitta and the Lithuanian Architects’ Union.