The Green Wave is rising in Vilnius with hundreds of thousands of trees, millions of shrubs and vines

The Green wave is sweeping through Vilnius as the capital’s Municipality has set an ambitious goal, within the next two years, to make all the city’s streets greener and much cosier. More than 100,000 trees, 10 million bushes and 300,000 climbing vines will be planted in Vilnius within that period of time. The Municipality administration calls all the residents of the city, the municipalities, entities and organisations to join this ambitious campaign.

Residents of Vilnius are proud and its guests admiring green Vilnius, but many streets are still not as green as they could be. Only by uniting the efforts of the municipality and Vilnius residents can we turn our streets green. And together we need to allow the nature to do more. We want it green behind the window and on the streets, so let us plant acacias, lindens, vines, ivies. Let us plant the plants that grow well in Vilnius, says Remigijus Šimašius, the Mayor of Vilnius.

Sauliaus Žiūros nuotr.

Everybody can join the Green Vilnius by planting the plants independently, or donating trees that will be planted by landscaping professionals. Vilnius residents are also invited to plant in their neighbourhood, workplace or in selected places of the city, for which Vilnius municipality provides all kinds of assistance and specialist consultations.

The arsenal of seedlings to be used in the Green Vilnius wave includes a range of plants tested as well rooting in Vilnius, adapted to the Lithuanian climate and urban conditions: maples, lindens, acacias, pines, spiraea, syringas, sorbarias, ivy and other creepers. The decisions regarding the method and the sites of planting are selected based on an essential principle – simplicity is the foundation of elegance and cosiness.

One of the more challenging and the first Green wave projects is the reconstruction of the Konstitucijos av., by arranging a green tree aisle while retaining the current number of traffic lanes. Intensive landscaping works creating street greenery traditions are also planned in the currently built new or rearranged existing streets. This street standard will be presented shortly. There are total about 2,000 km streets in Vilnius.

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