The medical professionals will be motivated to vaccinate elderly people by premiums of 10 euro

Today Vilnius City Council approved the plan to grant 60 thousand euro for promotion of vaccination of elderly people until the end of this year. According to the findings of the survey of Vilnius residents ordered by the municipality, the general practitioner was revealed to be the most reliable source of information in the background of pandemic. The premiums will be awarded for the work that has been performed by vaccination ambassadors – medical professionals for free from now on.

“We see the hard work of medical professionals not only in medical institutions but also when they are providing consultations by phone and try to persuade elderly people to get vaccinated. The residents over 65 are able to get the third dose of vaccine already, however, there are still people, who have not received the first vaccine yet. The summaries of the Department of Statistics show the number of deaths of elderly residents, thus signalling about the importance to undertake new methods to promote vaccination of elderly people and to protect them from painful consequences,” – says Director of the Municipality’s Administration, Mrs. Lina Koriznienė.

The Director of the Municipality’s Administration signed the order, which purpose is to motivate the medical professionals from personal health care institutions in Vilnius city to work as vaccination ambassadors when consulting elderly patients. Each patient over 65 subscribed to the health care institution and persuaded by the general practitioner or his/her team member or another employee of the medical institution in any form (orally, in writing, by e-mail, phone, etc.) to get vaccinated, hence receiving the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine will be awarded by 10 euro from the funds of the budget of Vilnius City Municipality.

The bonus will be distributed among the general practitioners, their team members or other employees of the medical institution, who have contributed to motivation and vaccination of patients over 65 years old, in proportion to their input.

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