The building’s wall in the capital was decorated by the motives from works of Jurga Ivanauskaitė

The composition “Towards the sanctuary” was opened today in Tibet Square that is ten years old already. The motives from the works of Jurga Ivanauskaitė were used for the composition. In such a way, artist Jurga Užkuraitytė has immortalised the memory of one of the most famous and brightest Lithuanian authors of the end of the 20th c. – beginning of the 21st c., and at the same time, she has also decorated the public space that is already considered to be a centre of attraction with a work of high artistic value.

“Today Tibet Square is a vital place on the bank of the Vilnia that has disgorged organically into the spatial, architectural and cultural cloth of the city and that is already favoured by the city residents and tourists. However, the walls continuously vandalised by graffiti were degrading the exclusive value and image of the square; therefore, motives of J. Ivanauskaitė’s art works will contribute perfectly to the aura of Tibet Square and the oriental topics that are purposefully created in this pace,” – says the artist, who has given one more work “I am creating Vilnius” to the capital.

The cultural events are organized every year in Tibet Square that is on Malūnų Street in Užupis District. When spring is approaching, the traditional Tibetan New Year is celebrated here – ice sculptures are made. The events of the Day of Street Music, Night of Culture are held here. His Holiness Dalai Lama XIV visited the square in 2013 and 2018. The apple-tree of Everest species planted by him is growing here.

“Towards the sanctuary” is one of 12 mew projects “I am creating Vilnius”, for implementation of which more than 500 thousand euro were assigned. 8990 euro were given for this particular work. The number of applications received for the contest this year was record – even 188 applications. The programme “I am creating Vilnius” initiated by the city is revitalising the forgotten areas in the capital.

The composition of wall painting “Towards the sanctuary” by Jurga Užkurnytė will be opened in Tibet Square in Užupis District on the 27th of November, at 2 pm.

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