Beginning: the demolition works in the territory of the National Stadium are started

Today the heavy machinery started demolition of the stadium’s constructions hat were left unfinished in 1993 in Vilnius. The company “Vilniaus BDT” obliged to demolish the decomposing tribunes of spectators, to clean the territory in 4 months, and to prepare it for the multifunctional complex of health promotion, education, training, cultural and occupational promotion of 85 thousand square meters, where ethe National Stadium is going to be the min object. The works were ordered and financed by the concessionaire – company “Vilnius Multifunctional Centre” controlled by the fund of private capital “BaltCap Infrastructure Fund”.

Photo by Saulius Žiūra

“While cleaning the complex’ territory, the builders will probably find two already dug-in capsules of the beginning of the National Stadium. I believe that the third will be the last, – said Remigijus Šimašius. – To be serious, I would like to remind that in addition to the works visible to all – replanting of the trees grown by themselves in the territory of the stadium and disassembling of the old frames, the complex is being designed in the offices: the architectural idea is turning into a particular project that will be presented to the society, and after all the coordination works are finished, we will be able to start the so awaited constructions works this year already.”

Photo by Saulius Žiūra

When the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, Vilnius City, and the investment company “BaltCap” signed the concession contract for the National Stadium on the 8th of last October, and one week later “BaltCap” signed also the complex designing contract with the USA architectural company “Populous” and the Lithuanian company “Cloud architektai”. The preparatory works of the construction site and designing will cost approx. 5 million euro to the concessionaire. The construction works of the complex will cost almost 100 million euro. The expected completion of the works is in the beginning of 2025.

“The constructions of the stadium left on Šeškinė Hill for almost 30 years serve as a symbol of poor project management and unfulfilled promises that we are starting to demolish directly and figuratively. It is also symbolic that construction works of one of the most significant objects of sport and informal educational facilities have to be started with demolition, because this reflects perfectly the city’s decision to choose a completely new mode, how to solve the puzzle of stadium’s construction,” noted partner of “BaltCap Infrastructure Fund”, Šarūnas Stepukonis.

“Vilnius has managed somehow without the qualitative sport infrastructure needed for the city for three decades. The popularisation of certain sport branches has been slowed down because of this situation and pushed them to a difficult position. The disappearance of top-level sport events in Lithuania goes without saying. The removal of old frame of the stadium marks the completely new stage for the national and capital’s sport – we are moving towards the era of new and modern infrastructure that will be used not only by excellent athletes, but also by sport schools,” – says Vilnius Vice Mayor, Valdas Benkunskas.

Photo by Saulius Žiūra

The project will be implemented by applying the model of the whole cycle – the concessionaire will be responsible for the complex’ designing, building, financing and management. When the build object is approved, the concessionaire is going to maintain and manage it for 22 years.

The stadium with 15 000 places of UEFA IV category will be built in the territory of 22 hectares. It will have a museum, a stadium of 3000 places that satisfies the IAAF requirements for track-and-field athletics, basketball, volleyball, handball courts and gyms, a kindergarten, and an educational and cultural centre.

The construction of the stadium will cost 39,2 million euro. The total price of construction works of the multifunctional complex with 15 sport courts will amount to 94,6 million euro. If its operation for 25 years is added, the total price will be 160 million euro.

Photo by Saulius Žiūra

“BaltCap Infrastructure Fund” in the value of 100 million euro and duration of 20 years was established for investments into the infrastructure projects in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. BInF has more than one PPP (Public Private Partnership) projects in the Baltic States and in Poland in its portfolio.

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