RTR breakers are already receiving warnings in Vilnius – they will be followed by a towing

Starting this week, drivers who break the road traffic regulations (RTR) will find warnings behind their car wiper stating that their cars will be towed for such a breach. This shall be provided for in the amendments to the law that came into force this January, which already allow not only the police but also municipal officials to tow dangerously parked cars. Public order officials have already drawn up preliminary routes in Vilnius, which will be patrolled by a transport truck with officials at the end of March. If RTR breakers are noticed breaking parking rules, the cars will be towed.

“The municipality has never sought to punish as many people as possible. On the contrary, our goal is to educate the population as much as possible and thus ensure order in the city. Before we start towing unauthorized cars, we inform the media and flyers that breaking the road traffic regulations can result not only in a fine, but also in taking the car to a paid parking lot. Initially, we provide an opportunity for residents to repeat RTR’s courses“, – says Adomas Bužinskas, deputy director of the Vilnius City Municipality Administration.

Preliminary routes for public order officers and a transport truck were prepared by the Public Order Division of the municipality together with the controllers and elders of the Communications Services and Vilnius Waste System Administrator (VWSA). The routes were created after analyzing the lists of the capital’s places where gross violations of RTR when parking are most common and evaluating the collected information.

Photos by Saulius Žiūra

It is planned that about 10 vehicles will be towed per day. Breakers will be able to pick them up at the parking lot at Eišiškių highway, 127.

“If the driver does not find the car where it is parked, the driver will first have to call the general emergency number 112, where the operator will confirm that the car has violated the RTR and been towed and will tell where to get more information. In the near future, the short municipality will be used, by which the driver of the towed car will receive information on where to pick up the car, how much will the driver have to pay“, – says Andžejus Dinikis, the head of the Public Order Department.

The breakers will have to pay not only a fine of 30 to 90 Euros for violating the RTR when parking, but also the cost of transporting the car – 36.30 Euros. Parking of the car in the parking lot will cost another 8.47 Euros per day if the car is not picked up immediately.

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Photos by Saulius Žiūra