Improved Project Proposals for the National Stadium Complex Approved

The City of Vilnius has approved the principles of the project proposals for the Multifunctional Health, Education, Culture and Business Support Centre Complex prepared by the authors of the project – „Populous“ the architectural firm of the USA and the „Cloud architektai“ from Lithuania, as improved in accordance with the comments received during the review.

Eight buildings are planned to be built at Ozo str. 27 (Šeškinė) including a national stadium, a sports centre, two football training grounds, an athletics warm-up area, an athletics stadium, a cultural centre and kindergarten accommodating 300 children.

According to Mindaugas Pakalnis, the chief architect of the City of Vilnius, approval of the project proposals for the multifunctional complex means that the main idea of the solutions, the principal functional, spatial configurations, architectural expressions and plot solutions are approved, however, the special requirements for the preparation of the technical design for the designers will set out how the design is to be further developed in detail. During the preparation of the technical design, the institutions involved in the project, the stakeholder (e.g. sports, territorial) communities will be consulted, and in case of any significant amendments, solutions will be presented to the public again in accordance with the requirements of the legislation.

„We are thankful to the architects and the members of the public for their comments expressed during the project discussions as these comments will help us to formulate the special requirements for the project to be further improved to a quality result, said M. Pakalnis. – The improved project returns to a cleaner, more uniform architectural solution which is more in line with the original image of the tender. In preparing the technical design, in addition to the architectural expression of individual buildings the designers will also have to improve the solutions associated to the functional connections, i.e. entries and exits, provide smooth links with the surrounding areas, form a functional structure, aesthetic, comfortable, humane environment, implement the city‘s criteria of landscaping and adaptation of the environment to everybody.”

Most of the questions asked during the presentation were connected to the planned transportation infrastructure around the stadium. These solutions are provided for in another project for the development of Ozo, Ukmergės and Siesikų streets.

In October 2021, a concession agreement was signed between the City of Vilnius, the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports and the “BaltCap Infrastructure Fund”. Currently, the demolition of the structures of the unfinished stadium is underway, it is carried out by the company “Vilniaus BTD”.

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