Lithuanian language lessons for UKRAINIAN citizens in VILNIUS

Saulius Žiūra

We invite adult war refugees from Ukraine and their families to study the Lithuanian language.

Lessons are free of charge. Beginning of lessons – September 1, 2002.

The exact time will be announced in each school, depending on the number of students.

The training is organized by adult education institutions of Vilnius. Information about learning opportunities, conditions and registration is provided:

  • Vilniaus Gabrielės Petkevičaitės-Bitės suaugusiųjų mokymo centras (Kauno g. 43)

Tel. +370 663 52 737, [email protected],

  • Vilniaus suaugusiųjų mokymo centras (Vykinto g. 11)

Tel. (8-5) 2751577, +370 69311623, [email protected]

  • Vilniaus „Varpo“ suaugusiųjų gimnazija (Šopeno g. 8)

Tel. (8-5) 213 3427, [email protected]

  • Vilniaus „Židinio“ suaugusiųjų gimnazija (Algirdo g. 3A)

Tel. (8-5) 2330133, +370 68298974, di[email protected]