A new Board Member of Vilnius “Susisiekimo paslaugos” – a head of Amsterdam City Administration

Ms. Thea de Vries, current director of the administration of Amsterdam Municipality, was approved as an independent board member of the centre of mobility competences of Vilnius City, municipal enterprise “Susisiekimo paslaugos”, this week. This is the first time in the history of enterprises of Vilnius City when the foreign expert is going to work on the Board.

“Experience sharing and takeover of ideas are necessary to make the cities grow, – said mayor of Vilnius City, Mr. Remigijus Šimašius. – An independent board member of the supreme competence in the municipal enterprise is still a rare case, including abroad, however, we endeavour at making it a standard in Vilnius.”

Five foreign experts took part in selection of the board member. The majority of them are employed or functioning as managers of the centres of mobility competences of cities or regions, the functions whereof are similar to enterprise “Susisiekimo paslaugos”.

The assistant of the administration of the city, mentoring the issues of governance of city enterprises, Mr. Kipras Krasauskas noted that several years ago such decision could have seemed unattainable: “We see a logical transformation of Vilnius municipal enterprises and their governance – from implementors of the administration’s orders to organisations that submit the solutions necessary for the city themselves. The majority of them are unique because of their functions within the city’s and country’s scope; therefore, in order to continue improving, it is high time to include the experts with the best international experience into governance. We are grateful to the board and management of “Susisiekimo paslaugos”, who accepted and even encouraged such a step, after they had assessed all the practical issues arising from cooperation with a foreign board member.”

Prior to becoming a director of the administration of Amsterdam Municipality, Ms. Th. de Vries was managing the transport agency of Amsterdam region and the largest company of supply of drinkable water in the Northern Holland. She had also worked in the Netherlands Government, where she was implementing the national and regional transport policy. She gained and deepened her knowledge in governance of organisations in the University of Groningen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, and in New York University.

“I am very happy to become a board member of “Susisiekimo paslaugos”. As a director of the administration of Amsterdam Municipality, I am responsible for the city’s urban planning, infrastructure, public transport and mobility solutions. I am glad to be able to share my experience and knowledge with the board and to contribute to the future of harmonious mobility in Vilnius,” – said Ms. Th. de Vries. She is going to start working in the board of “Susisiekimo paslaugos” on the 1st of September.

Marketing and Communication Division, vrt@vilnius.lt

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