Vilnius invites citizens to elect those most worthy of St Christopher statues

In January 2023, Vilnius will award the most deserving Vilnius citizens, organisations and institutions by presenting them with statues of St Christopher, the patron of Vilnius – for the 25th time. This year, everyone is invited to pay particular attention to those who helped Ukraine and Ukrainians, not forgetting others worthy of this nomination. All residents of the country – Vilnius citizens, city guests, communities, organisations and companies – may nominate candidates for these awards by 2 December.

‘This year has been very difficult – we live in tension because of the war, but such situations only bring real leaders, the most interesting Vilnius citizens and the most deserving appreciation, into the spotlight. I ask you to name them for everyone to know about them, so we can choose those most worthy of St Christopher statues’, says Remigijus Šimašius, the Mayor of Vilnius.

No more than 10 nominees are awarded each year. Remigijus Šimašius will hand out St Christopher statues to the laureates on 26 January next year, when Vilnius will be celebrating its 700th birthday. Last year, over 50 candidates were nominated.

Vilnius kviečia rinkti verčiausius Kristoforo statulėlių

Photo by Saulius Žiūra

Antanas Gusčius is the founder and organiser of the Vilnius Jazz festival, which is the first of this kind in the country. He was awarded a St Christopher statue last year for his contribution to Vilnius jazz culture, and says this award is a great honour for everyone who receives it. His view is that Vilnius residents should be particularly bold and readily nominate people who, they believe, are of merit to the capital city.

‘Receiving an appreciation from the city, to which I have given so much, gives meaning and drives me to continue this activity. These are the awards that as many residents of Vilnius as possible should get involved in – after all, it is them who see best who of them give the most to the city – year after year. It can be said that nominating candidates for these awards is kind of a civic initiative that is an opportunity to praise and notice people who create the capital city’.

People, institutions or organisations that brought most merit for the city in 2022 can be nominated; the closing date is 2 December 2022. To nominate candidates, complete this form.

To nominate a candidate for the awards, the applicant will have to describe the candidate’s merits for Vilnius or Vilnius citizens, present a description of the candidate’s life, and enter their own name, address, telephone number and email address.

Since 1998, the St Christopher Awards has been an annual gesture of appreciation of people who contribute the most to the growth of Vilnius, including through their creative work. These are people who dedicate their ideas, work and projects to the capital of Lithuania, make the city famous not only in Lithuania but around the globe. The laureates of St Christopher Awards include Prof. Habil. Dr. Vytautas Jonas Sirvydis, one of the world’s most famous sopranos Asmik Grigorian, Prof. Habil. Dr. Vladas Algirdas Bumelis and other citizens of Vilnius.

More information can be obtained by phone (+370 5) 211 2675 or email