Criteria for Ukrainians to rent or receive compensation for housing owned by Vilnius municipality

Vilnius City Municipality regularly receives applications from foreigners for a residential housing. In many cases, applicants belong to the most vulnerable groups, i.e. suffering from a severe disability, have a high level of special needs or are raising children with severe disabilities.

Understanding the difficult situation and its limited possibilities to accommodate  all the applicants, the Vilnius City Municipal Council has decided to rent out the vacant dwellings belonging to the Municipality and managed by the Vilnius City Housing Enterprise (Vilniaus miesto būstas – Vilnius City Housing Entity), which are intended to be rented out to foreigners covered by temporary protection in Lithuania. Priority will be given to foreigners who fled Ukraine because of the war and who meet at least one of the following criteria: have an established level of disability of between 0-25%, or severe special needs, or have a family with a child(ren) with a severe disability.

Nustatyti kriterijai ukrainiečiams išsinuomoti Vilniaus savivaldybei priklausantį būstą arba gauti kompensaciją

Photographs by Saulius Žiūra

Furthermore, the City decided to exempt them from paying rent and other charges of maintaining the premises from the date of occupancy until the expiry of the rental contract. In case the Municipality entity Vilniaus miesto būstas is not in position to provide the applicants with required accomodation, these foreigners can apply for additional compensation of the housing rent, and the Municipality undertakes to cover the difference between the rent of the housing rented on the market, and the part of the rental cost compensated from the state budget. This compensation is paid until the expiry of temporary protection (foreigners who have received temporary protection have the right to reside free of charge in a place determined by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, to work, to receive a cash allowance if they have no other income in Lithuania, to receive necessary medical assistance and social services, and minors have the right to education) in Lithuania.

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