The City of Vilnius has delivered yet another aid package to Ukraine

Vilnius continues to provide assistance to Ukraine, its cities and its people. Upon the start of the winter season, the financial support allocated by a decision of the City Council has transformed into much-needed survival items. This weekend, a new shipment successfully reached Kyiv.

At the request of Ukraine, Vilnius bought 1 powerful and 19 smaller generators, 120 rolls of polythene film, 2500 rechargeable batteries, 500 battery chargers, 2000 flashlights, 70 sets of gas stoves with gas bottles and 1500 pieces of thermal clothing – 750 sets in total. All these items have already been shipped to Kyiv. This time, the value of the shipment was around €110 000.

“As we calmly wait for Christmas, we must also remember that there is a country very close to us that needs not only our moral but also our material support,” says Remigijus Šimašius, Mayor of Vilnius. – Vilnius continuously maintains contact with Kyiv, we know the specific needs of the city, thus this shipment is exactly what the city’s residents need the most at this time.”

In May 2022, the City of Vilnius also arranged a shipment of glass left over from various construction projects to Borodianka, a suburb of Kyiv. More than 10 tonnes of glass were delivered to Ukraine on several occasions, helping to reinstall some 500 to 600 windows broken by the aggressor. This was done in an effort to provide at least somewhat more comfortable living conditions for residents of Ukraine tormented by aggressor attacks. Not only the residents and businesses of Vilnius, but also capitals of the Baltic and Scandinavian countries contributed to this campaign.

In cooperation with the Vilnius County Waste Management Centre, the City of Vilnius has promised to continue collecting complete usable glass sheets. Additional shipments of 3 to 4 tonnes of glass will be sent in the nearest future.

Marketing and Communications Department,