Vilnius says “SU-MENĖK” (en.” WITH ART”) again – invites you to broaden your horizons with contemporary art in February

Šiuolaikinio meno mėnuo

Nuotr. Sauliaus Žiūros

The beginning of 2023 marks not only the 700th anniversary of Vilnius, but also the 4th edition of the “SU-MENĖK” initiative organised by the capital’s municipality on February weekends. This year, the project returns with an even bigger scope, welcoming participants with the slogan “Expand your horizons with contemporary art”.

Starting from 3 February, Vilnius residents and visitors are invited to travel to Vilnius galleries and museums every weekend of the month on a special and free “SU-MENĖK” public transport route. Launched in 2019, the initiative, now in its fourth year, is attracting more and more attention not only from the citizens of the city, but also from the cultural institutions participating in the initiative. In 2023, the number of participants has grown even further and now includes 41 cultural institutions. In 2019, the initiative started with 17 institutions, in 2020 with 25, and in 2022 with 31.

This year, SU-MENĖK has added 10 participants to the route, such as Markučiai Manor Museum, Vidmantas Martikonis Gallery “Autoportretas”, VDA Gallery “Lauko ekspo”, Kristina Norvilaitė Gallery, Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema Museum, W Gallery / Vytautas Tomaševičius Creative Studio, Tumas Gallery, Lewben Art Foundation, VDA Gallery “Akademija” and AP Gallery.

“I am delighted for every cultural institution involved in this growing arts project. I believe that the number of visitors to SU-MENĖK will continue to grow, because the hunger for cultural life and everyday discoveries is one of the things that keeps people and our city young,” said Remigijus Šimašius, the initiator of SU-MENĖK and Mayor of Vilnius.


Nuotr. Sauliaus Žiūros

Like last year, the galleries and museums participating in the SU-MENĖK initiative will invite visitors to visit for free or at a special price, and will welcome them with a variety of educational activities, guided tours, and meetings with the authors of exhibitions. In addition to the opportunity to visit cultural spaces, the special SU-MENĖK route will make stops at stops that allow you to explore art not only indoors, but also in the open spaces of the city.

Traditionally, during SU-MENĖK, visitors to galleries and museums will have the opportunity to collect stamps and mark how many art institutions they have visited (see for a list of distribution points of the stamp booklets), and those who have visited more than 20 galleries and museums will be eligible for prizes.

Event partners: the public transport company Susisiekimo paslaugos, UAB “Vilniaus viešasis transportas” (“Vilnius Public Transport”), the strategic design agency “Critical”.

Meno mėnuo

Nuotr. Sauliaus Žiūros

The free “SU-MENĖK” bus will invite you to visit the National Gallery of Art, “W Gallery”/ Vytautas Tomaševičius’ creative studio, the Museum of Applied Arts and Design, the Lewben Art Foundation, Vidmantas Martikonis’ gallery “Self-Portraitas”, and the VDA’s galleries “Lauko Ekspo”, “5 Malūnai” and “Akademija”, “GODÒ” Gallery, “The Rooster Gallery”, Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Centre, Kristina Norvilaitė Gallery, “Užupis Arts Incubator”, “AP Gallery”, “Tumas Gallery”, Lithuanian Cognition Centre “Tartle”, Literatų Street, Marija and Jurgis Šlapeliai House-Museum, Vilnius Graphic Art Centre, Markučiai Manor Museum, SODAS 2123 Cultural Complex, Kazys Varnelis House-Museum, Artifex Textile Gallery of the VDA, Open Gallery, Samuel Bak Museum,  MO Museum, Sculpture Garden of the MO Museum, and the Art Gallery of the VVJ, Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema Museum, Radvilų Palace Art Museum, Pamėnkalnis Gallery, Vytautas Kasiulis Art Museum and the galleries Art Bridge, The Room, Editorial, Arka, Terra Recognita, Kunstkamera, Vilnius City Gallery “Meno niša” (Art Niche), Vartai, (AV17).

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