A new square to appear in Pilaitė near the church and the new gymnasium

A new public space is planned in Pilaitė neighbourhood of the capital, next to the newly built St. Joseph’s Church and the Pilaitė Gymnasium opened up last year. The square will be open to everyone – parishioners and residents of Pilaitė living nearby will be welcome to come here to relax, meet and organise events in the square.

The Vilnius City Council approved a letter of intent between the City of Vilnius and the parish of St. Joseph, which provides for the transfer of a part of the land plot owned by the parish to the City of Vilnius on a loan-for-use basis for a period of 25 years to set up a new public space there.

“Since the beginning of the intensive construction boom in the neighbourhood of multi-storey buildings, there has been a severe lack of green areas in Pilaitė. We are currently planning to develop or landscape 7 public spaces in Pilaitė. Some of them are still in the planning stage, others have design proposals or technical projects. One area has already been issued a construction permit. Pilaitė is definitely changing and will become greener,” said Rūta Matonienė, Chief Adviser of the Urban Landscape Division of the City of Vilnius.

The plan is to landscape a 1.4-hectare square according to the principles of a classical garden. Rest areas, decorative planting and lighting have been planned on the land plot. The square will preserve and extend the existing alley of silver birches. The area will not be fenced. It will be accessible for use by schoolchildren, the parish community, and the 7000 residents of Pilaitė neighbourhood living at a distance of 300 meters away, who will also be able to enjoy the green environment.

The parish priest Ričardas Doveika says that the square will combine the proximity of nature, art and celebrations.

Design proposals for the landscaping of the square have been prepared at parish expense and discussed with the public. They are available here: https://bit.ly/3YcywsO.

After the Letter of Intent is signed and the parish solves the land ownership issues, signing an agreement will be possible, also continuing negotiations with the community to complete the project.

The City of Vilnius will organise and finance the construction works of the square (installation of engineering networks, footpaths, parking lots, lighting and replanting and extension of the old Pilaitė tree alley), while the parish plans to ensure the installation of the square’s small architectural elements and the planting of greenery.