Vilnius aims to win the EU Green Capital award

The capital of the country will apply to become the European Green Capital in 2025 as the Vilnius City Council approved the idea today. The European Commission awards the title for excellence in 7 areas that are important for the quality of life of citizens, from air and water quality to biodiversity and adaptation to climate change.

“A green city means modern homes, lively public spaces and easy commuting. Living greener also means living more frugally, as bills for greener utility services can be much lower thanks to energy savings, sharing and the benefits of the circular economy,” says Remigijus Šimašius, Mayor of Vilnius.

The Green Capital Award would give the city prestige and visibility, which would help Vilnius to attract more investment and EU funding, for example for energy efficiency in housing, transport and other areas that are important for the quality of urban life.

The European Green Capital also receives political support from the European Commission, a prominent place at major political events and initiatives on the EU’s green course, and €600,000 in funding for EU-wide events.

Stockholm was the first European Green Capital in the last decade. This year, Tallinn is the European Green Capital, and Valencia will follow in 2024. Green Capitals become a part of the Green Capital Network with 36 member cities, and continue to work together in the implementation of ambitious ideas for improving cities.

Vilnius already has a strong track record in green policy, which would be reinforced by the pursued European Green Capital Award. Last year, Vilnius became one of the 100 climate-neutral and smart cities under the EU Mission. By winning a place in this mission, cities receive solid financial and methodological support to help them achieve their green and climate neutral goals. Afterwards, cities that are leading the way in greening, with Vilnius already being one of them, share their experiences with others. €360 million in EU funding was earmarked for this city mission in 2023 alone.

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