Vilnius will organise city festivals through open calls for ideas

Vilnius will organise major city festivals and other public events of the city through open calls for ideas. The Council adopted a resolution which will open up the opportunity for attracting to the city’s festivals more professionals working in the cultural area and social partners, and will establish a cultural policy based on the principles of free market, resulting in better quality events.

“Vilnius is full of culture – youthful, inspiring, and creating a distinctive face and name for the capital around the world. Events at the capital are always surprising with unexpected, unique and new solutions. We want to maintain this high bar and the high cultural value of the city’s events, which is why we want to give organisers of cultural events the opportunity to take part in open calls,” says Rita Balčiūnienė, an elder of the “Laisvės” faction, who presented the Resolution.

The City of Vilnius will work with external experts to develop a concept for the selection of organisers of cultural events at the city by way of an open call and an action plan for its implementation by 1 April. The concept and the action plan for selecting organisers of cultural events at the city by way of an open call will make the city more open to new initiatives and projects, ensuring that competitive funding is as open as possible.