Partitions removed in Vilnius will protect newly planted greeneries next year

The removal of partitions that have protected newly planted greeneries from salt and street pollution during winter has started. Last autumn, 23 km of such partitions have been installed near streets. Next winter their locations will be adjusted with regard to the locations of planting of new trees, bushes or flowers, specialists claim that partitions are the most important for young, newly planted plants. The research shows that the protective partitions of greeneries help cut the salinity of the soil in half compared with non-protected areas.

Atitvarai nuo druskų

According to the new standard of Vilnius streets, for the last several years, strips of trees and bushes are planted along the pedestrian and bicycle paths in order to separate them from the traffic area. Such green strips protect from the dust and collect the pollution better than the grass. On hot summer days, trees and bushes throw a shade on pedestrians and bikers, make the air cooler and wetter in the entire city.

A soil testing has been performed last year, which showed that in areas, where the protection agains the materials dissolving snow was installed, the concentration of chlorides did not exceed 80 mg/kg. When this limit is exceeded, plants become more vulnerable, their growth is delayed, trees turn green later, leaves may be damaged.

Companies that take care of streets are also collecting the dirt accumulated during the winter, which may be cleaned only when the snow is gone. In order for the cleaning of streets to do not damage the environment, they are cleaned using the wet method, vacuum cleaning machines are used.

Atitvarai nuo druskų

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