Parking fee regulations are about to change in Vilnius

Today, the Vilnius City Council approved the question discussed in committees on the amendments to the local parking fee regulations, which aims to automate the control of the fee collection and simplify the process of paying for parking.

The duration of the period for which a parking payment can be made will increase, and yellow slips will go away.

Following the entry into force of the decision, the daily payment period will be extended from the current 72 hours to 168 hours as from 1 October.

There will be no more yellow slips, allowing to voluntarily register contact details of car owners on the self-service portal administered by JUDU (municipal enterprise SĮ “Susisiekimo paslaugos”). This means that those who have registered on the portal will be sent notifications offering to pay a fee for a day or a reminder to pay the parking fee. Those, who do not wish to register their contact details, will be able to check themselves whether there are no effective records of non-payment of the fee and, if so, to pay quickly and conveniently.

Geltonos parkavimo zonos pradžia

Photo by Saulius Žiūra

Important changes for those subject to fee exemptions

There are two ways to use a local fee relief: people with disabilities will be able to register on the self-service portal or at customer service centres, indicate state registration numbers of up to two cars linked to a disabled person’s parking badge, or they will be able to use a mobile app to book a free ticket, which requires the state registration number of the car and the number of the disabled person’s parking badge.

Other changes

Amendments to the regulations also provide for further changes, including a simplified allocation of parking spaces for temporary use, e.g. during filming, temporary restrictions, construction and in similar situations.

Also, a reduced annual (relief) fee of €30 has been planned not only for motorcycles, but also for mopeds, tricycles and quadricycles in the red, yellow and green toll zones.

The definition of a special vehicle and the conditions of their exemption from the local fee will also change, following requests from the Ministry of the Interior and the related authorities.

These changes will enter into force as from the date of publication of the decision.

JUDU is responsible for organising public transport services, parking infrastructure in the city and promoting sustainable ways of commuting. More than 170,000 passengers used public transport services every day in 2022, rating their trolleybus or bus journeys this year at a score of 8.32 out of 10, which is the highest score since 2019. The company also ensures smooth organisation of city traffic and works with Vilnius City Council to implement innovative solutions to create a city accessible at a walking distance.

Photo by Saulius Žiūra