Vilnius tackles the persistent problem of e-scooters: traffic regulation measures will be applied

To improve the safety of e-scooters and other road users in the capital, Vilnius City Municipality is introducing measures to address the most sensitive problems caused by e-scooters and to clearly define the rules for their use.

ženklas draudžiantis dviračių ir paspirtukų eismą

Measures to be applied

To establish more order and safety on the streets, after June 1, e-scooters and bicycles are planned to be banned in the following busiest tourist streets in the city: Vilniaus, Pilies and Savičiaus streets. The streets will be equipped with signs prohibiting riding scooters and bicycles.

In the summer, special parking spaces for e-scooters, where e-scooter riders who use sharing platforms will be obliged to leave the scooters they rent, are planned to be set up in the Old Town, part of Naujamiestis and part of Šnipiškės.

numatoma paspirtukų parkavimo vieta

“All these measures will help to regulate the chaotic situation of e-scooters in the city better. The Parliament’s initiative on e-scooters is also very necessary and welcome. However, with these measures there is a prohibition on cycling on the pavement where it is not marked with signs allowing cycling. If we do not want to push scooter riders onto the roadway, such markings would cost an irrational amount of almost €2.5 million. Around 1,350 km of Vilnius pavements would have to be marked with paint and signs. We are glad that our colleagues in the Seimas have heard this and registered an amendment giving more space to local governments who can logically and efficiently decide where and what to mark,” said Adomas Bužinskas, Director of the Administration.

As of this month, e-scooter speed limits have already been established. In the Old Town and on bridges, e-scooter riders must travel at a maximum speed of 12 km/h.

By the end of the year, ride-sharing companies are also obliged to mark e-scooters with identification numbers to help other road users identify e-scooters from a distance and to report to the service provider not only improper parking, but also speeding, two people riding one e-scooter, riding in a prohibited area or any other offences.

zona, kurioje ribojamas paspirtukų greitis

Vilnius City Municipality reminds people about the cooperation between e-scooter sharing companies and “Tvarkau miestą” (I Manage the City), which has been initiated, and encourages the citizens to get involved by submitting a report on improper parking of e-scooters on the website