A chance for those who want to contribute to the development of Vilnius – take part in the election of sub-eldership representatives

As the end of the 2019-2023 term of office of the capital’s sub-eldership representatives draws near, Vilnius invites you to get ready for the new election of sub-eldership representatives. This year’s election will take place from 4 September to 13 October. Proactive Vilnius residents, communities, and associations are invited to think of a resourceful and active person who will mobilise the community and represent their district in dealing with the municipality for the next four years.

“Every one of us is an ambassador of our city. We are the first to notice problems in our streets and districts and we have suggestions for solutions. We would like to have a close relationship with every district, so it is very important that every community has a dedicated member who cares about Vilnius and represents their interests in the initial stages of decision-making,” says Daiva Mikulskienė, Chief Advisor of Vilnius City Administration.

A sub-eldership representative is a link between the municipality, the community, and other institutions. Unlike elders, who are appointed by the city administration, sub-eldership representatives are elected by the residents on a trust basis. Anyone who wants to make a difference, who is not afraid of responsibility and who is committed to representing the community can run for the post. As sub-eldership representatives are closest to their communities, they are responsible for relaying residents’ complaints and wishes to the municipality and answering residents’ questions about what can be done to resolve the situation.

Sub-eldership representatives can be nominated by residents who are of legal age and who have declared their place of residence in the sub-eldership in which they are nominated. Applications to become a sub-eldership representative are open from 4 September to 15 September and can be filled in electronically or by visiting your eldership. Voting for sub-eldership representatives, both electronically and in person, will take place in elderships from 22 September to 13 October. Votes can be cast electronically on the municipality’s website, and in writing in the sub-elderships, where the candidates or supporters will be invited to sign the questionnaires.

If sub-eldership representatives receive at least 5% of the votes, they will be declared elected. A rerun election will be organised for the remaining posts between 30 October and 20 November 2023.

There are currently 189 sub-elderships in Vilnius.

Marketing and Communications Department, vrt@vilnius.lt