Traffic restrictions and changes to public transport timetables near Vilnius cemeteries

Rasų kapinės

Photo by S. Žiūra

As every year, Vilnius’ cemeteries experience an increase in traffic before All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day. In order to make it easier for those travelling by car and public transport to visit the graves of family and friends, changes will be introduced: public transport will run more frequently, buses will run on modified routes on some routes, and there will be temporary changes in the organisation of car traffic at Liepynė, Rokantiškės, Karveliškės, Kairėnai and Saltoniškės cemeteries.

Public order in the vicinity of the cemeteries will be maintained and traffic will be controlled by municipal and police officers. Drivers are asked to pay attention and follow the traffic rules and the instructions of the traffic controllers.

How will the traffic organisation change?

From 27 October to 5 November, cars will not be allowed to stop and/or park near bus stops, roundabouts and cemetery entrance gates in the vicinity of Rokantiškės, Karveliškės, Kairėnai and Saltoniškės cemeteries. Please note that the road leading from Žirnių street to Liepynės cemetery is closed all year round.

On 1 and 2 November, traffic on the access roads to Rokantiškės, Karveliškės, Kairėnai and Saltoniškės cemeteries will be diverted:

– Traffic to Rokantiškės cemetery from Stepono Batoro street will be diverted through Naujoji Vilnia via Viršupio, A. Kojelavičiaus, Šiaurės, Uosių, Kalno and Rokantiškės streets. Parking is allowed in car parks and on the roadside where it does not obstruct traffic and where there are no no-parking signs. The section near the Rokantiškių cemetery will be one-way (towards Viršupio Street) to allow for the passage of shuttles.

– To avoid major traffic jams, it is recommended to approach Kairėnai cemetery from the side of Nemenčinė motorway. From Kairėnų Street, vehicles are diverted to Šilėnų Street. On the section near Kairėnai cemetery, traffic will be in one direction (north) to allow the shuttle buses to pass.

– It is recommended to reach Karveliškės Cemetery from Sudervė Old Town in Vilnius district, avoiding the usually much more congested route from Pilaitė Avenue. Traffic through Karveliškės Cemetery will be one-way: from A. Mickevičiaus Street, only Naujosios Street will be used to enter the cemetery, and only Karveliškės Street will be used to exit. On Karveliškės Street, two-way shuttle bus traffic will be allowed.

– On 1 November, Ąžuolyno Street near Saltoniškės Cemetery will be closed to traffic, except for public transport. Access to the car park near the cemetery will be possible only from Ozo Street.

Public transport will run more frequently on the following routes to provide more convenient access to Rokantiškės, Karveliškių, Saltoniškės, Kairėnų, Liepynės and Antakalnis cemeteries:

– From 23 to 27 October, buses on route 37 will run more frequently during the day – every 30 minutes. Buses on route 63 will be extended with larger capacity;

– On 28-29 October, buses on routes 2, 37, 63, 115 and trolleybuses on routes 7, 16, 19 will run more frequently;

– On 30 and 31 October, buses on routes 2, 37 and 63 will run more frequently;

– on 1 November more frequent services on 2, 7, 37, 38, 63, 88, 114, 115 and trolleybuses on 2, 7, 16, 19;

– on 2 November, buses on routes 2, 37, 38, 63, 88, 114, 115 and trolleybuses on routes 7, 16, 19 will run more frequently.

Other changes in public transport organisation

On 1 and 2 November, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., additional buses on route 88 will stop at Liepynės Cemetery. There will be an additional stop at Karaimų Kapinės bus stop.

We recommend the following alternatives for public transport to Liepynes Cemetery

– Take the 3G bus to the airport, then change to the 2 or 88 bus to Liepynės Cemetery (the 88 bus to Liepynės Cemetery only runs on 1-2 November);

– Take bus no. 1, 2 or 88 to Vikingų bus stop, cross the road at the next Vikingų bus stop and change to bus no. 2 or 88 to Liepynės Cemetery (bus no. 88 to Liepynės Cemetery will only run on 1-2 November). A convenient transfer time between routes will be coordinated at this stop.

Due to heavy traffic in the vicinity of Rokantiškės cemetery, the route of bus no. 115 to Naujoji Vilnia and the route of bus no. 119 to Egliškės will be changed from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. on 1-2 November:

– Bus no. 115 towards Naujoji Vilnia will go to the Rokantiškės bus stop, where it will turn around and continue along Viršupio, Mildos and S. Batoro streets to the intersection of S. Batoro and Dūmų streets, and then follow the usual route to the Meškoniai bus stop. On the modified route to Naujoji Vilnia, buses will not stop at Klonio, Rokantiškių sodai, Žilvičių, Uosių sodai, Duburio, Kalno, Paparčių, Uosių, Alberto Kojelavičiaus and Dūmų bus stops. On the modified route to Naujoji Vilnia, buses will also stop at Lyglaukiai, Šilo, Viršupis, Milda, Pūčkorių atodanga, Pūčkoriai, Stepono Batoro and Lelijų. The route of the 115 bus to Antakalnis will remain unchanged – buses will follow the usual route;

– The route of bus 119 to North Town will remain unchanged. In the direction of Egliškės, at the roundabout at Šilo street, the buses will turn to S. Batoro street, then they will follow A. Kojelavičiaus street, then they will turn to North street, Uosių street and Kalno street and will continue on their usual route. On the modified route, buses will stop at the following additional stops: Šilo (temporary stop), Viršupis, Milda, Viadukas, Viadukas, Girininkija, Kučuriškės, Užtvankos, Širšių, A. Kojelavičiaus, Uosių, Paparčių, Kalno, but will not stop at the following stops: Lyglaukiai, Rokantiškės, Klonio, Rokantiškių sodai, Žilvičių, Uosių sodai, Duburio.

The temporarily changed routes can be found on a special page, and the public transport timetables for the All Saints’ Day period will be published on, and mobile apps from 25th of October.

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