H2020 project „CAMPAIGNERS“


CAMPAIGNers project aims to involve more than 100 000 citizens around the world in low-carbon lifestyle research. Such research knowledge, data and practical experience would allow CAMPAIGNers to tackle critical lifestyle-related challenges through the use of a powerful research base and to develop targeted solutions. In addition to the Vilnius City Municipality, research institutions, influential non-governmental organizations, 15 cities of the world with population of more than 15 million, who will act as incubators for the implementation of the objectives of the project in their countries, will also take part in the CAMPAIGNers project.

The #LifestyleChallenges programme platform will be installed in the course of the project. Residents of Vilnius will be among users of the platform, accepting behavioural changes related to sustainable living. Platform installation challenges will be developed together with users of the programme and the municipality so that they make an impact on and are relevant for our city in particular.

Experience of citizens, energy and CO2 saving potential will be assessed after a certain period of time using the #LifestyleChallenge programme, also assessing quantitative and qualitative psychological, social, economic, cultural and physical behavioral factors. EU institutions will be informed about due policy-making at all levels to implement the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.