Internet of Things development policy of Vilnius City


The Internet of Things Development Policy of Vilnius City is aimed to “Build Intelligent Vilnius City Brain” – an advanced and sustainable ecosystem where everything is interrelated, also at creating conditions for a sustainable development of urban and industrial digitalization, increasing the level of integration of technologies and urbanization. The implementation of the policy will help the city of Vilnius to focus on the development of a smooth city, the needs and expectations of residents and guests of the city, create conditions for being mobile, responding faster to changes in the environment, increasing the efficiency of services in both public and private sectors.

The approved document is available here: Vilniaus miesto IOT plėtros politika_EN (document for download)


Key goals of the Policy

  • To ensure full integration of information and urbanization.
  • To expand possibilities and perception of management of the city and entities operating in it.
  • To develop innovative business environment and open win-win new intelligent city, a new smart city.
  • To create a safer and friendlier environment in Vilnius, to increase added value for residents of the city.
  • To seek for a more efficient use of energy resources of the city and municipality-owned resources.
  • To increase efficiency in the areas of operation of the City of Vilnius, its subordinate enterprises and institutions.
  • To successfully implement cooperation between the public and the private sector for practical application of the policy.