The people of Vilnius entrusted me with the keys to the capital on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of the city. It is not only a great honour, but also an extraordinary commitment.

A city with centuries of history, but also a city which retains its youthful vigour, has already become home to 600 000 people. While walking the narrow streets of the Old Town and admiring the architectural masterpieces, we often forget that Vilnius was first built by people of different nationalities and cultures.

The history of Vilnius is the history of all of us. Therefore, we must not forget to cherish the spirit of unity and freedom that belongs to all of us.

I invite you to write the new page of the capital by opening wide the gate of the city to those who call and want to call it their home.

As the new Mayor of the capital, I promise all Vilnius city dwellers to work responsibly, listen carefully and have regard for the issues reported, and lead with integrity. I promise that Vilnius will only get more comfortable and better for everyone who wants to develop here.

Valdas Benkunskas