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Mayor of Vilnius Remigijus Šimašius:

For centuries, Vilnius has been a welcoming place for the peaceful coexistence of free citizens, while perfectly combining its magnificent history, spectacular natural environment and vibrant creativity.

I am totally committed to continue building the City full of the spirit of freedom and creativity so that it would become a source of inspiration and goodness for the people of Vilnius, of Lithuania and of the entire Europe.

Can there be anything more interesting than creating for your City and in the City? Creation, however, requires certain conditions. My team and myself have been working hard for three years to rid Vilnius of its outstanding debts as well as of any other problems having long plagued our capital.

Today, the residents of Vilnius enjoy the renovated urban infrastructure, honest and professional municipal services, and I hope they appreciate the emerging new creative initiatives. Today, Vilnius has all the reasonable grounds to head towards an even more inspiring future.

I personally have been and will be doing everything I can to make this city the best place to live, create and feel free.

I hope that the last years of my activities are a good testimony to that – we can make a change in the city through bold individual commitments. The determination of each citizen to become a creator of the City will undoubtedly result in the exceptional overall benefit of Vilnius.

To Vilnius – the city of free people!