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The number of decommissioned streets in Vilnius this year equals that of the entire previous term

This year, the capital undertook to pave 80 km of city streets, including 10 km of gravel roads, with a record allocation of EUR 27 million. It is as much as 4 million more than last year: EUR 16 million from the city budget, and more than EUR 11 million from the National Road Maintenance and Development Programme.

The paving works in Vilnius were launched 1.5 months earlier than last year. As soon as the temperature went up, the staff was sent out to do the job, starting from the streets of Verkiai, Viršuliškės, Šeškinė and Fabijoniškės districts, aiming at repairing pits, laying new pavement, and moving over to other areas of the capital. In order to minimize inconvenience to the residents of Vilnius, the main streets of the city will be repaired at night.

“This year, we devoted ever more efforts and funds for the programme for the improvement of living environment that has been running for the third year now. We also convened experts from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University who carried out a comprehensive study of the capital streets. Having assessed the status of 244 streets (450 km), experts made very clear recommendations on which city streets should be focussed at and how. The roads will be ready as early as this summer and there will be no need to repair these streets again next year”, says Vice-Mayor Linas Kvedaravičius.

The busiest streets are the priority. Then other streets with plenty of damages and repairable areas that are uneven and have ruts. Most of the streets get repairs on the pits, while others will be paved all over, replacing the previous cover. They are often repaired at frequent requests from the inhabitants.

The capital has already planned to renovate 93 streets in the capital. The pavement will be covered in the following streets Suvalkų, Pylimo, Vitebsko, Totorių, Lapų, M. Daukšos, Olandų, S. Vainiūno, Žemaitės, A. Goštauto, Geležinkelio, Panerių, Pylimo, Švitrigailos, Vytauto, T. Narbuto, Kalvarijų, Žalgirio Rinktinės, I. Šimulionio, Miškinių, Justiniškių, Ukmergės, Buivydiškių, S. Stanevičiaus, Girulių, L. Giros, Vydūno, Ozo, Pagubės, Didžiųjų Gulbinų, Kryžiokų (from Užpalių st. To Kryžiokų Sodų 12-osios st.), Noragiškių, Kryžiokų Sodų 7-oji, Krakiškių, Kremplių, Dvariškių, Melkio, Verkių (from P.Lukšio st. to Kareivių st.), Žirmūnų (from Šilo st. to Kareivių st.), Pulko, Apkasų, Antakalnio (from the roundabout to Šilo bridge), Mileišiškių, Viršupio, V. Grybo, Volungės, Debesijos, Širvio, Švyturio, B. Sruogos, Vinciūniškių, Šilėnų, Laurų Sodų 1-oji, Keramikų st. roundabout section, Žirgo (from house 54 to Šatrijos Raganos st.), Žygio, Dunojaus, Pelesos, S. Batoro, Metalo, Uosių, Parko, Pergalės, Retkonių, Vilkpėdės, Galvės, J. Janonio, J. Tiškevičiaus, Jaunystės, Vėjo, Lentvario, Fermentų, Fabriko, V. A. Graičiūno, Mokyklos ir Vilniaus st. And Lukiškių st. Konstitucijos, Eišiškių, Laisvės, Pilaitės, Savanorių avenues and Old Grodno road.

“In July, we will begin the capital repairs at Antakalnis street – from Žolyno to Olandų, Antakalnio, T. Kosciuškos ring crossroads. This 2 km long section will have a new pavement and new sidewalks. Antakalnio st. from Žolyno st. to Nemenčinė road was renovated two years ago”, says Virginijus Pauža, Director of City Maintenance and Transport Department.

Other streets: A. P. Kavoliuko, Šešuolių, Popieriaus, Verkių, (from Žirmūnų st.), Lizdeikos, Vaidilutės, Šaltkalvių, Kapsų, Linksmosios, E. Andrė, Paneriškių st. will be renovated too.

This year, as well as last year, 10 km of gravel roads  will be paved: Taurupės, Gavaičių, M. Bukšos (from J. Franko st. to B. Dvariono st.), Sakališkių, Pušyno Kelio, Lauksargio, Gvazdikų Sodų 1-osios, Prūsų, Vaivos, Skaidiškių, Naujosios, Gurių Sodų, Vandens, Mačiuliškių, V.A. Graičiūno, Girių (between Vilkiškės and Bražuolių) streets.

Last year, after the changing in street management companies, it was possible to bring down the cost of works by half, which made the planned works much cheaper. It is estimated that during the whole contract period, it will be possible to save about 7 million of budget funds. Last year, EUR 22 million were allocated for street management in Vilnius, 54 km of streets were repaired.

Mayor of Vilnius

For centuries, Vilnius has been a welcoming place for the peaceful coexistence of free citizens, while perfectly combining its magnificent history, spectacular natural environment and vibrant creativity. ❯❯❯
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