Urban Development

Vilnius is preparing to live according to a new Master Plan

The municipality of the capital has coordinated decisions of the new Master Plan with 38 institutions. The City Council should be approving the Master Plan, which has come a long way through bureaucratic processes, in early July. According to the Mayor, the process, which has staggered for more than a year and a half, is a victory over the... ❯❯❯

Mayor of Vilnius

For centuries, Vilnius has been a welcoming place for the peaceful coexistence of free citizens, while perfectly combining its magnificent history, spectacular natural environment and vibrant creativity. ❯❯❯
The Agenda

Municipal priorities

  • Build and implement a strategic vision of the city
  • Provide high quality services to the population
  • Attract investments that create well-paid jobs
  • Be transparent, efficient and open to the residents, visitors and investors