Youth organisations

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Eurodesk Lietuva Lithuanian Youth Council (LiJOT)

Didžioji St. 8-5, LT-01128 Vilnius
Tel./fax: (8 5) 279 10 14

The European Information Services Network for Young People Eurodesk Lietuva contains more than 1700 contacts and short descriptions of youth and youth-related organisations in the Youth Information and Advice Portal www.žinauviską. If you do not want to become a member of the organisation, visit this portal for information on volunteering, studies, training, travel, leisure, your rights, work in Lithuania and across Europe. Should you fail to find the required information, do not hesitate to ask us because the Eurodesk operates in 33 European countries and has over 1200 regional partners. If you want to write, take pictures or make films, join the network of more than 200 young journalists. The network is administered by the Lithuanian Youth Council (LiJOT), which is a permanent support structure of the EU Youth in Action Programme, supported by the European Commission and the Ministry of Social Security and Labour of the Republic of Lithuania. For more information, please visit:

Vilnius Union of Youth Organisations Round table

Vilniaus str. 22, Vilnius
President: Šarūnas Grigonis

The Vilnius Union of Youth Organisations Round Table (VJOSAS) was established back in 1998. It brings together the youth and youth-related organisations in Vilnius, while representing their interests and making their voice heard in municipal authorities. VJOSAS takes a proactive approach in promoting youth policy and speaking on behalf of youth organisations in Vilnius. The Round Table team is young, energetic, enterprising and motivated to act for the overall benefit of the youth in Vilnius.

Mayor of Vilnius

For centuries, Vilnius has been a welcoming place for the peaceful coexistence of free citizens, while perfectly combining its magnificent history, spectacular natural environment and vibrant creativity. ❯❯❯
The Agenda

Municipal priorities

  • Build and implement a strategic vision of the city
  • Provide high quality services to the population
  • Attract investments that create well-paid jobs
  • Be transparent, efficient and open to the residents, visitors and investors