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MICROBE Vilnius introduction


Since November 2020, Vilnius City Municipality is implementing the project MICROBE of the European Union program ERASMUS+ that will take place until April 2023. Objectives of the project: to create the MICROBE method that analyses human emotional and biometrical condition, the surroundings in real time, possible COVID-19 situation. Based on the best practice and the results of the analysis, the research will give the “overall image” of the created environment. Urbanists will have the possibility to offer city (closed and open spaces) planning solutions, with regard to safety requirements, related with COVID-19 and the emotional condition of residents. The technological part of the system will be implemented by VGTU.


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Mayor of Vilnius

For centuries, Vilnius has been a welcoming place for the peaceful coexistence of free citizens, while perfectly combining its magnificent history, spectacular natural environment and vibrant creativity. ❯❯❯
The Agenda

Municipal priorities

  • Build and implement a strategic vision of the city
  • Provide high quality services to the population
  • Attract investments that create well-paid jobs
  • Be transparent, efficient and open to the residents, visitors and investors