„One Station“ centre establishment in Vilnius


Ensure that every child has a chance to live in a happy and loving family. To help families survive with dignity and to overcome life’s crises.


Provision of complex services to families

The aim of the project is to establish „One Station“ centre Nadruvos str.13 in Vilnius, where a high quality social complex services and preventive measures will be provided which meet the best child‘s interests to grow in a safe family environment.

Availability of services

The project services are intended for residents of Vilnius city who are in a crisis situation. „One station“ centre will provide a case manager, social worker, psychologist, addiction specialist, lawyer, psychiatrist, special pedagogue, mediator. Preventive lectures of medical specialists, occupations with body and movement, activities of parenting skills development, providing crisis overcome support, also  temporary accommodation are planned to organize.

Introduction of methodologies used by foreign countries

The staff of „One station“ and partners will be trained to provide appropriate social services and it will be prepared for this work according to „PUP“ „No Kids in the Middle“, „TEEN Triple P“ methodology and will ensure a qualitative help in the crisis, esp. for families which experienced conflict divorces..


A society is as strong as its weakest member. There are many people all over the world who face various difficulties at certain stages of life. Families, as a social entity, are also often exposed to social risk factors at one stage or another of their lives. Children suffer from this especially often.

Looking at the dynamics of Lithuania statistical data for 2015-2019, there is a tendency that as the number of marriages increases, the number of divorces increases, and at the same time the number of children living with one of the parents increases too.

According to the data of the Vilnius Family Support Centres, in 2020 there were 286 highly conflicted couples who were assigned case management in Vilnius, but in 2021 this number increase to 286 couples who were assigned to the case management. In the first half of the year, already 316 couples were assigned case management (increasing trend), which accounts for about 25% of different couples who raise children, are extremely conflicted, disagree and children find themselves in the middle of conflict.

It should be noted that in the first half of the year of 2021 in the cases received by Vilnius Child Rights Protection Division, couples who are experiencing a particularly conflicting divorce due to the procedure of communication with children and other requirements account for 55% of all applications for the provision of case management service in Vilnius. Vilnius Municipality does not have the opportunity to meet such a need with the existing infrastructure, therefore, it is simply necessary to expand the aid in this niche.

Large queues, a relatively small indicator of “successful” cases due to the availability and efficiency of services, the lack of specialists, their competences signal a high need for the provision of social complex services in one place and tools for providing them (new methodologies, variety of services, improvement of competences of specialists).

With this in mind, the project “One Stop” centre is initiated at Nadruvos Str. 13, Vilnius”.


The project will be designed to serve the public interest, in order to achieve goals that are of public interest. During the implementation of the project, a centre for the provision of social complex services with temporary accommodation will be established and adapted.


  • Set up a complex service centre – all services are available under one roof
  • Temporary accommodation services
  • Train professionals to work on new methodologies “PUP”, “No kids in the Middle”, “Teen Triple P”
  • 375 persons are planned to provide services during the period.

Project promoter: SOS Children‘s Villages Association in Lithuania

Implementing partners: Vilnius city municipality

Financial support: The project is implemented with the funds of the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area LT03-1-SADM-K01-002

Project value: 1 000 000 eur.

Start of the project: 2022-01-24

End of roject: 2024-04-30

Expected start of service delivery: 2022-07

Project duration: 28 month.