LOGIN 2016 Has Been Opened – the Mayor of the Capital Greeted the Two-Day Innovation Festival

Today, the 10th, Jubilee Technology and Innovation Festival LOGIN 2016 has been opened in Vilnius. During a two-day fiesta everyone is invited to get acquainted with more than 150 Lithuanian and foreign visionaries that have progressive ideas. The festival that has brought together more than 5,500 participants was opened by the Mayor of Vilnius Remigijus Šimašius. At the conference he introduced Vilnius as an open, innovative and fast city attractive to start-ups.

“LOGIN Conference is a very important event, one of the biggest in Vilnius. I know a number of companies that have decided to invest in Vilnius precisely after their representatives attended this conference. They noticed the potential of Vilnius – there are many people who think, look ahead, work hard and are active. I would like to invite everyone to develop and test their products in Vilnius and take advantage of the prospects of the growing capital“, – said Remigijus Šimašius, the Mayor of  Vilnius.

Login, Litexpo

Login, Litexpo

The Mayor of the capital Remigijus Šimašius delivered two speeches at the LOGIN Conference. In one of them the Mayor presented „Vilnius Tech Map“, a digital map of start-ups based in Vilnius, which will be launched this autumn and will help newly-founded companies and the start-ups to find their space, place, community and future partners or customers in Vilnius. In the speech concerning the growing, fast and innovative Vilnius, Remigijus Šimašius introduced the capital’s plans for the future and the prospects for newly-founded businesses.

For two days, Vilnius Municipality stand introducing technological solutions implemented and applied in the capital will be open in the Technology and Innovation Festival LOGIN. In the stand of Vilnius Tech Park everyone will be able to learn how Vilnius can be beneficial for the start-ups that are settling down or moving here, or the ones that want to test newly developed technologies in Vilnius  and adapt them to the city.

„This LOGIN is exclusive. Not only by the fact that it celebrates the 10-year anniversary, which is really an honourable age for the festival. It is also exclusive by the fact that the event has outgrown the framework of the conference and became the festival, a space where progressive and unique ideas are born. This year’s speakers represent very colourful, charismatic and very different personalities that sometimes elicit equivocal reactions. So I wish all visitors of the festival to discover, develop and take home only the best ideas of the festival, which will become the realized projects by the next year’s event“, – says the head of LOGIN Ieva Dirvonskaitė.

Today, the attention in the spaces of LOGIN was captured by Hannes Sjoblad, a biohacker from Sweden; he demonstrated the possibilities for chip implantation in the human body, and after just half an hour – by the charismatic man-cyborg Neil Harbisson, whose skull has been implanted with antenna, and who automatically attracts curious glances.

Five major events are being held in the 10 spaces of the jubilee festival LOGIN 2016, 10 sessions and more than 130 speeches are waiting for the participants.


LOGIN is the largest technology and innovation festival in the Baltic States that annually presents influential speakers, bold thoughts and ingenious ideas that are changing the world. LOGIN festival is a platform where market players, entrepreneurs, start-ups and other creative professionals of information and communication technologies, which are setting technology trends, give an overview of the latest inventions, think of future discoveries, share the most relevant and even surprising ideas, present themselves, their products and services, establish new communications and much more.