The Mayor of Vilnius – in front of graffiti showing D. Trump and V. Putin locking lips together

The Mayor of Vilnius Remigijus Šimašius has made a photo in front of graffiti showing USA presidential candidate Donald Trump locking lips with the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Mayor told today that graffiti is not be removed from the wall of the restaurant “Kiaule Ruke” (“Smoking pig”) in Vilnius Old Town.

“There is no censorship in our city. That’s why I support the idea of making this graffiti. It shows that Vilnius is the city of freedom, love and beauty”, – said the mayor.

The graffiti of a local artist Mindaugas Bonanu went viral across all over the world and became a great international advertisement of the Lithuanian capital. It has also become very popular new sightseeing spot in Vilnius.

For more information please contact the Advisor to the Mayor Aleksandras Zubriakovas at +37067773568.